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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Week in Sleaze Feb 14th 2012

Happy Valentines Day, MAG-fans! This year, why not give your loved one the gift of sleaze?
Here's this week's notable DVD releases, hand-picked by MAG's gang of zanies!

Boeing Boeing (1965)
American journalist Bernard Lawrence has three stewardess girlfriends, none of whom know about the others. When his rival, Robert Reed, arrives in Paris, he invades Bernard's apartment and schemes to take over his duplicitous but tantalizing life. Starring Jerry Lewis and Tony Curtis

Seriously, think about it: sexy stewardesses in 1965! Tony Curtis and Jerry Lewis! Cigarettes and hi-balls and rampant sexism! How can you lose with this one?

Gang of Roses II: Next Generation
Cassie, the last remaining member of the original Gang of Roses, is sitting in a small Mexican jail holding the writtencode to a US military safe. It s here that she meets Collette (Eurika Pratts), a young gambler looking for her next con.Kate (Rocsi Diaz) attempts to break her out, and Cassie is killed. Upon their return, Kate and Collette meet up without laws Candi (Teyana Taylor) and Mimi (Claudia Jordan). After some lengthy planning, the four women head to the Mexican town of San Juevo and prepare for the robbery, which will take place in the town church. But unbeknownst to them, they are being followed by Lee (Gabriel Casseus) and his posse of bandits, looking to ambush the women before they can make their big score.

The original Gang of  Roses was one of the most inexplicable things I've ever seen: an all-hot-black-chick western, played straight, by mostly non-actresses (Little Kim! Macy Gray!). It wasn't quite as crazy as you might like, but it was still pretty fuckin' crazy. And now they've done it AGAIN, with new hot-black-chick non-actresses? Holy smokes, sign me up!

Nude Nuns with Big Guns
After sweet Sister Sarah is victimized by the brutal and corrupt clergy members in her church and nearly dies, God tells her to take revenge. Now she's packing heat and blowing away the bad guys.

It is extremely unlikely that this film will live up to its title. However, all it has to do is provide the title image, and it will still be worth the effort/dough. That's exploitation!

Swinger's Massacre (1975)
This thriller/drama follows a a suburban lawyer down a ruinous, blood-covered road. The trouble begins when he tires of life in the slow lane and suggests that he and his wife should join a swinging couple's club and do a little spouse swapping. But then he begins suspecting that the wife is having too much fun with the other swingers.

AKA the entirely porny-sounding Inside Amy, this rarely seen mid 70's swingersploitation grinderhouser features, among others, Russ Meyer udder-queen Ushi Digard! There's a good chance it's awful, and an even better chance this “DVD” is sourced from VHS, but Swinger + Massacre + 1975 is a little too tantalizing to pass up.

Yakuza Hunters: Final Death Ride Battle
A 70s-style pink film featuring a host of B-movie cult favorites including Yoshihiro Nishimura from The Machine Girl and Tsuyoshi Kazuno from Robo Geisha. Furious with Junko,who massacred her old friends called the Yakuza hunters,  Asami enters into a final battle with four old friends.

Apparently one of a series of nu-Pink/splatter flicks. So if you like half-naked Japanese chicks chopping heads – and you do, we all do – you're gonna want to investigate this pronto.

That's it for this week. Seems like plenty. Check out MAG-lite this Sat for more recommendations!

- Ken 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Week in Sleaze: Dec 6th, 2011

Happy Tuesday, girl watchers and comedy fans!
In light of our recent tragedy (the computer crashed mere moments before we finished episode 128 of the Movies About Girls show), here's our top 5 DVD picks of the week.

Tucker and Dale VS Evil
Tucker and Dale are two best friends on vacation at their dilapidated mountain house, who are mistaken for murderous backwoods hillbillies by a group of obnoxious, preppy college kids. When one of the students gets separated from her friends, the boys try to lend a hand, but as the misunderstanding grows, so does the body count.

A fun twist/send-up of the homicidal redneck genre, T&DVE (as we call it in the go-go world of showbiz) is a fast and funny flick with a generous amount of gore sprinkled on top. Plus, it's got Miss Tasty herself, Katrina Bowden, in various states of undress. Va-va-voom homina homina arooga.

Portlandia Season 1
Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein send up the righteous, artistically inclined and 100% organic residents of Portland, Ore., in this sketch-based comedy series. Typical targets include artisanal light bulbs, feminist bookstores and indie rock.

Portland (left coast versh) is apparently some sort of Shangri-la for 90's slacker-types, still chock full of coffee shops and used record/book stores and vegan restaurants, and Portlandia spoofs it all pretty brilliantly. I would have preferred a running story-line instead of one-off sketches - by it's nature, sketch comedy is pretty hit or miss - but Portlandia is still thoroughly entertaining, even if it's often more amusing than funny.

Horror Express (1972) DVD/Blu-ray combo pack
The 70s horror classic returns like you ve never seen it before! Screen legends Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing star as rival turn-of-the-century anthropologists transporting a frozen missing link aboard the Trans-Siberian Express. But when the prehistoric creature thaws and escapes, it unleashes a brain-scarfing spree that turns its victims into the eye-bleeding undead. Can the crafty colleagues stop this two million year old monster, hordes of zombie passengers and a psychotic Cossack officer (Telly Savalas) before terror goes off the rails? Silvia Tortosa (WHEN THE SCREAMING STOPS) co-stars in this all-time fright favorite from director Eugenio Martín and the blacklisted Hollywood screenwriters of PSYCHOMANIA, now featuring explosive new Extras and a stunning HD transfer from vault elements recently unearthed in a Mongolian film depot!

Holy smokes, what a great movie! It's already pretty nuts with the caveman running around chewing people up, but midway through Telly shows up and does....well, he does Kojak. It's amazing. Get this!

Hollywood Man (1976)
With killer cops, sicko snipers, biker trash and a bevy of beautiful, willing women on his trail, Rafe Stocker is going to make a movie whether he lives - or dies trying in this 1970s action classic! Starring William Stroud and Mary Woronov.

From the man who brought us Cleopatra Jones, Angels from Hell, and Race with the Devil comes this low-budget, long-forgotten piece o' mid-70's exploito junk. And who among us can resist? It's got sicko snipers, Mary Woronov, and biker trash! That sounds like the guest-list at my wedding!

Don't Open Til Christmas (1984)
It's Christmastime in London, and Santa Claus impersonators of all shapes and sizes are on the run from the deadly rampage of an unknown killer who's targeting St. Nick in department stores, on street corners and at parties. Scotland Yard's Inspector Harris (Edmund Purdom) has the unsavory task of tracking down this vicious maniac, who relishes impaling, disfiguring and castrating his jolly victims.

Have you ever seen Pieces? It's fucking amazing. A guy hides a chainsaw behind his back in an elevator and then he chops a lady's arm off with it. If Don't Open is one-tenth as crazy as Pieces, it'll be worth it. Plus, Christmas and murder...they just go together like peanut butter and jelly, don't they?

That's it. Buy 'em, watch 'em, rinse, repeat.

PS: Our new bi-weekly,  free-form, economically-paced radio show/podcast MAG-lite starts this Saturday, Dec 10th, starting at 6PM EST. Listen live on Loudcaster!

- Ken 

Monday, October 17, 2011

Week in Sleaze: October 18th, 2011

No live MAG show this weekend, but that doesn't mean we're not on the case! Here's this week's must-see DVD picks from the Movies About Girls crew!

More Brains! A Return of the Living Dead
Paying tribute to the cult zombie classic The Return of the Living Dead, this documentary explores what life was really like on set. Highlights include interviews with the original cast, behind-the-scenes footage, and original art and storyboards. 

Fun, well-done doc that covers every aspect of the ground-breaking punk-rock zom-com. Includes lots of gratuitous stoned-to-the-tits Jewel Shepard, gratuitous disgruntled ex-FX guy, and an interview with the Tar Man! My only gripe: for a movie with a crucial soundtrack, they don't spend much time talking about the tunes. Stacey Q's on deck, but Dinah Cancer is nowhere to be found? Aside from that, if you're a fan of the movie, you'll love this. The plentiful bonus features also touch on the sequels.

Bad Teacher
Cameron Diaz stars as Elizabeth Halsey, a scheming and coarse-tongued middle school teacher who gets dumped by her wealthy boyfriend and rebounds by sinking her claws into a handsome substitute teacher (Justin Timberlake). There's just one problem, though: He's already dating Amy Squirrel (Lucy Punch), the most revered teacher on campus. And Ms. Squirrel is not at all eager to hand over her beau, who is slated to inherit his family's fortune.

High-gloss Hollywood raunch-com that, at the very least, features a dirty-mouthed Diaz vamping it up.

Death Will Have Your Eyes (1974)
Louisa (Marisa Mell) is a young and attractive woman who wants to make a living for herself in Rome, but soon falls prey to some very shady characters that force her into prostitution.  While struggling to keep herself afloat, she meets a fascinating doctor (Farley Granger) who is also a would-be poet. However, Louisa doesn't really love him, and falls for another man. When she gets involved in a murder, blackmail and violence ensue until the shocking final revelation.

Holy smokes, what a fantastic title! Super-obscure giallo with a gorgeous leading-lady and gobs of groovy 70's Euro-sleaze. Goodtimes.

Zombie 2-disc ultimate edition
The full-skinny from Amazon: In Italy, it was considered the 'unofficial sequel' to Dawn of the Dead. In England, it was known as Zombie Flesh Eaters and banned as obscene. In America, it was called Zombie and advertised with the depraved tag line "We are going to eat you!" Tisa Farrow (Grim Reaper), Ian McCulloch (Contamination), Al Cliver (Cannibals), and Richard Johnson (The Haunting) star in this worldwide splatter sensation directed by 'Maestro Of Gore' Lucio Fulci that remains one of the most eye-skewering, skin-ripping, gore-gushingly graphic horror hits of all time!

Blue Underground is proud to present Zombie in a new 2K High Definition transfer from the original uncut and uncensored camera negative. Each flesh-eating frame has been lovingly restored to skull-rotting perfection under the supervision of Cinematographer Sergio Salvati (The Beyond). Now fully-loaded with hours of brand new Extras, this is the Ultimate Edition of Zombie!
Audio Commentary with star Ian McCulloch and Diabolik magazine editor Jason J. Slater
Theatrical Trailers
TV Spots
Radio Spots
Poster & Still Gallery
Guillermo del Toro Intro
"Zombie Wasteland" - Interviews with stars Ian McCulloch, Richard Johnson & Al Cliver, and Actor/Stuntman Ottaviano Dell'Acqua
"Flesh Eaters on Film" - Interview with Co-Producer Fabrizio De Angelis
"Deadtime Stories" - Interviews with Co-Writers Elisa Briganti and (Uncredited) Dardano Sacchetti
"World of the Dead" - Interviews with Cinematographer Sergio Salvati and Production & Costume Designer Walter Patriarca
"Zombi Italiano" - Interviews with Special Make-Up Effects Artists Gianetto De Rossi & Maurizio Trani and Special Effects Artist Gino De Rossi
"Notes on a Headstone" - Interview with Composer Fabio Frizzi
"All in the Family" - Interview with Antonella Fulci
"Zombie Lover" - Award-Winning Filmmaker Guillermo del Toro talks about one of his favorite films

I don't think I ever have to see Zombie again – you only have to see a lady get an 8 inch splinter though the eyeball so many times in this life - but all these extras make this a worthy purchase.

Red State
Director Kevin Smith puts a unique spin on the horror genre in this tale of hormonal urges gone awry. Three high school boys answer an online ad from a woman seeking wild sex and find themselves face-to-face with a supernatural force that threatens to destroy them. Will their unholy desires lead them to ruin? The cast includes Michael Parks, Michael Angarano, John Goodman, Kevin Pollak and Melissa Leo.

Kevin Smith's first foray into horror is, from all reports, a nail-biting hellride. So, uh, strap in?

The Last Circus
After landing a gig as a sad circus clown, timid Javier (Carlos Areces) falls for beguiling but masochistic trapeze artist Natalia (Carolina Bang) and begins battling for the beauty's affections with her brutally abusive boyfriend, Sergio (Antonio de la Torre). Written and directed by Álex de la Iglesia, this darkly humorous commentary on Spain's fascist past features an abundance of blood-splattered violence and gruesome gore.

Alex de la Iglesia is the gonzo king of contemporary Euro-cult. If you haven't had the pleasure yet, check out his back catalog, especially the brutal, over-the-top Mexican sex drugs n' Satan epic Dance with the Devil, the metal-tinged occult-horror Day of the Beast, and the pitch-black Dying of Laughter. This new one pitches sad clown vs evil clown in an ever-escalating war-of-the-weird that really has to be seen to be believed. Full-tilt insanity.

The Pyx (1973)
When police sergeant Jim Henderson (Christopher Plummer) investigates thegruesome murder of drug addict and hooker Elizabeth Lucy (Karen Black), he finds that her death is not an isolated incident; the trail leads to more murders and into the dark world of satanic ritual. The film follows Jim as learns (in flashback scenes) the horrors of Elizabeth's troubled life and what led to her mysterious death. Based on the novel by John Buell.

It was made in the 70's, and it's got Satan and Karen Black in it. You can't lose, really.

For many more DVD recommendations, check out the Movies About Girls Podcast!

- Ken McIntyre (plot descriptions courtesy Amazon and Netflix)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Week in Sleaze Aug 30th, 2011

No official MAG show this week (although unofficially, we’re spinnin’ some sweet Satan-rock jams and talking to a tasty selection of rn’r lifers on the Super Rock Power Hour – same time, same place), so I figured I’d keep you abreast of this week’s items of interests WIS style.

Nikita – Complete first season 
Nikita is one of the most highly skilled assassins on the planet, and her target is the mysterious corporation that created her. The Division, as it's known, picks up at-risk teens to train as killers, and Nikita will do anything to bring it down.

This is the umpteenth update of La Femme Nikita, I guess because sexy female assassins are perpetually awesome. I have not seen this version yet, but if the internet is to believed – and it has rarely steered me wrong – then Nikita star Maggie Q is half-naked in nearly every scene. And that sounds like solid entertainment to me. $40.00 seems a little (ahem) stiff to me, but hey, the price of everything’s going up these days, even boners.

The Perfect Host
Warwick Wilson is the consummate host. He carefully prepares for a dinner party, the table impeccably set and the duck perfectly timed for 8:30 p.m. John Taylor is a career criminal. He's just robbed a bank and needs to get off the streets. He finds himself on Warwick's doorstep posing as a friend of a friend, new to Los Angeles, who's been mugged and lost his luggage. As the wine flows and the evening progresses, we become deeply intertwined in the lives of these two men and discover just how deceiving appearances can be. With outstanding performances by David Hyde Pierce and Clayne Crawford, cowriter/director Nick Tomnay takes us on a suspense-filled ride where nothing is as it seems. The Perfect Host is a slippery psychological thriller that exposes true human nature and reveals just how far we're willing to go to satisfy our needs.

The hook here is pretty obvious – you get to see the persnickety Niles go bananas. And who hasn’t wanted to see that?

Oscar winner Adrien Brody stars as a man who wakes up trapped in a crashed car in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by two dead passengers, a pile of cash and a gun. He has no recollection of who he is or how he got there. Is he an innocent victim? A dangerous criminal? All he knows is he s fighting for his life and his sanity in the middle of the deep woods. Like a cross between Deliverance and The Bourne Identity, director Michael Greenspan's feature debut showcases another acclaimed turn by one of the most lauded and talented actors of our time.

Having spent most of the 90’s in a perpetual vodka-induced blackout, I’m a big fan of what-the-fuck-just-happened movies. This one looks solid, especially since Brody usually plays everything he does totally straight, even when it’s fuckin’ ridiculous (i.e. Giallo – WTF, Dario?).

Cell 211
Winner of 8 Goya Awards, including Best Film, Actor, Director and Screenwriter, this politically taut and fast-paced prison thriller is the most internationally acclaimed Spanish film of the past year. On his first day on the job, prison officer Juan Olivier (Alberto Ammann) is knocked unconscious in a freak accident and his co-workers carry him to an empty cell. When he awakens, Juan discovers that he has been abandoned in the middle of a riot in a high security cellblock home to the prison s most dangerous criminals. If they discover he's a guard, he s dead meat. To survive, Juan must pose as a prisoner and conspire with the riot's vicious leader, Malamadre (Luis Tosar, The Limits of Control). As the violence escalates and political fallout mounts, Juan uses all his cunning to stay alive.

Oh yeah, that’s the other thing about the 90’s blackout daze – I really like “Now I’m f**ked” movies, because I often was. Not as much as this guy, though. This guy F**KED. Should be goodtimes watching him try and untangle himself from this unseemly sitch.

Where the Boys Are (1960)
Four coeds from snowbound Penmore U. know that the only place to be during Spring Break is Where the Boys Are. The rites (and wrongs) of the spring migration of thousands of college students to sunny Fort Lauderdale are celebrated in an era-defining film that combines a cast of 1960s up-and-comers with youthful hijinks and a cautionary will-she-or-won't-she storyline of sex and romance. Among the girls seeking the perfect tan and man are Dolores Hart, Yvette Mimieux, Paula Prentiss and Connie Francis (who also performs the hit title tune and the zippy "Turn on the Sunshine"). Among the guys: George Hamilton, Jim Hutton and Frank Gorshin. So many chances for love. So little time!

Warner Archives kill it with another gem from ye olde vaults. The ’84 remake with Lisa Hartman just hit DVD last week, so this makes for the perfect follow-up. Pure 60’s fluff with hot girls, cool tunes, George Hamilton before he hit his goofy tan-man phase, and a dollop of cautionary teen drama to appease the squares.

Radley Metzger’s Erotic Psychedelica (Blu-ray)
Plunge into the world of Erotica Psychedelica, the '70s cinematic sexual revolution captured by Radley Metzger in elegant Europe. These three masterpieces deliver erotic fantasies, surrealism, drugs, parties, orgies, betrayal, and seduction, all shot with incomparable visual style accompanied by ultra hip music scores. This box set features restored High-Definition transfers made from the original 35mm negatives of the original theatrical versions of Camille 2000 (1969) , The Lickerish Quartet (1970) and Score (1972), along with many new Bonus Features, including never before seen On the Set footage and an exclusive Soundtrack CD. Limited numbered edition of 3,500 copies with collectible lenticular artwork!

Metzger’s arty softcore isn’t for everybody, but since when are you ‘everybody’? The colors and girls and swingin’ sounds are all gorgeous, and given the gloss and production values, you can convince most folks that it’s not porn. Just porn-y. This’ll set you back a few bucks though, so it’d help if you were rich.

Death of a Cheerleader (1994)
Shy Angela Delvecchio (Kellie Martin) is new to the neighborhood and just wants to fit in. Surprisingly, she develops a close friendship with head cheerleader Stacy Lockwood (Tori Spelling), who leads the most popular clique at school. But when Angela defends an outsider, things get out of hand, and Stacy ends up dead. Now, Angela must fight for her freedom in a sensational trial. Marley Shelton co-stars in this made-for-television drama.

Sure, it’s a tv movie, and yes, it stars Tori Spelling. But it’s about CHEERLEADERS KILLING EACH OTHER. Are you sure you can pass that up?

For more film recommendations, check out the Movies About Girls podcast

- Ken McIntyre (plot descriptions courtesy Amazon & Netflix)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Week in Sleaze July 26th-Aug 2nd, 2011

Been awhile since I did one of these, but since the show's on vacation this week, figured I'd round up this week's potentially potent new releases.

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night
Paranormal investigator Dylan Dog (Brandon Routh) unearths secrets about the undead in New Orleans with the help of his sidekick, zombie Marcus (Sam Huntington), in this supernatural mystery based on the internationally best-selling Italian comic book series. Directed by Kevin Munroe, the film features Taye Diggs as Vargas, the head of the vampire family, and Anita Briem as Dog's love interest, Elizabeth.

So is this just a lame American version of Cemetery Man? Or what? Dunno, but it seems notable. Ask your local comic book nerd.

SciFi Invasion - 50 movie set
You know the deal with these Mill Creek sets - some decent prints, some sweet prints, some total dogmeat VHS-ripped prints, but for less than 20 bucks, good times are sure to be had. Here's the line-up: 984: Prisoner of the Future, Abraxas - Guardian of the Universe, The Alien Factor, Alien Prey, The Amazing Transparent Man, Assassin, The Bat (1959), Battle Beyond the Sun, Beyond the Moon, Brain Twisters, The Brother from Another Planet, The Crater Lake Monster, The Creeping Terror, The Day Time Ended, Death Machines, Escape from Galaxy 3, Evil Brain from Outer Space, Extraterrestrial Visitors, The Eyes Behind The Stars, Fugitive Alien, Future Hunters, Future Women, Galaxina, The Giant of Metropolis, Hands of Steel, The Head, Horror High, Hundra, Hyper Sapien: People From Another Star, Invaders From Space, It's Alive, Life Returns, The Manster, Mission Stardust, Morons from Outer Space, Night Fright, Night of the Blood Beast, Primal Impulse, R.O.T.O.R., Raiders of Atlantis, Robo Vampire, Rocket Attack U.S.A., Slipstream, Star Knight, Star Pilot, Top Line, Trapped by Television, War of the Robots, The Wasp Woman, Welcome To Blood City 

Popcorn: An Audio-Visual Thing (1969)

I don't have any solid evidence about what this really is, but I can tell you for sure it's got live footage of the Stones, Small Faces, Vanilla Fudge, Otis Redding, The Animals, Spencer Davis Group, Kim Fowley(!), and more, plus a Twiggy fashion show (!), plus "hippies, flower power, and tons of concert and festival footage!"

So, that sounds pretty sweet. 60's psych and beat fans will, clearly, wanna snap this up.

Born to Ride

The stars of Starship Troopers are back in action! Mike (Casper Van Dien) decides to hit the road on his refurbished classic motorcycle along with best buddy Alex (Patrick Muldoon), but their trek takes a surprising turn when they become involved in a plan involving political blackmail, corruption, and dirty money. Carrying evidence that could get them killed at any minute, the boys are chased on the open road but turn their skills to their own advantage. William Forsythe (Raising Arizona) and Theresa Russell (Wild Things) also star in this gun-blazing, rip-roaring adventure from the director of Every Which Way But Loose you’ll never forget!

I initially wrote this off as SOV garbage, but considering the folks involved, this might be a fun bit o' low-budget retro-biker madness. Plus, I haven't seen Theresa Russell in a while.If she's still half as hot as she was back in the 80's, this'll definitely be worth it.

Then again, it could be SOV garbage.

Virtues of Vixen Virtues of Vice

Vixens of Virtue Vixens of Vice is a wonderfully campy micro budget live action all female superhero series. Filmed in New Jersey by Director Rob Longo. Vixens of Virtue Vixens of Vice Season 1 Special Edition includes Episodes 1-10 re-mastered with optional Director's commentary with new special effects in "Vixenvision"". DVD also includes the 30 second animation trailer. For a limited time you will also receive the Character Compendium comic book! Vixens is superheroes done smart & sexy celebrating four color comic books innocence. Own this modern take on a campy good time.

This is what public access TY would look like if I ran the world. Nothing but local-type chicks in spandex wailing on dudes. I'm into it. Let's get this gang on the Movies About Girls show already. Anybody know 'em?

Vixens of Virtue Vixens of Vice Theme Song from Live Body on Vimeo.

Not a bad haul for a sleepy week in mid-summer. Remember, for many more recommendations (plus laffs and antics!), check out the Movies About Girls radio show-slash-podcast! Next live show Saturday, August 6th.

- Ken McIntyre

Monday, April 25, 2011

Week in Sleaze April 26, 2011

What do you know? Another week, another tasty selection of sleazy cinema on DVD!

Exploitation Cinema Double Feature: Supervan/Jailbait Babysitter
Supervan - On his way to the Van Freakout competition, Clint Morgan rescues runaway Karen Trenton from being raped by a motorcycle gang. Sadly, his van is demolished in the process. Unknown to Clint, Karen's father Trenton is the sponsor of the competition and is unveiling his latest model-the Trenton Trucker! Trenton's dream machine is sabotaged by a rival, culminating in a thrill packed car chase. See the ultimate van that "King of Kustom" George Barris created!
Jailbait Babysitter-Sexy young Vicki, a beautiful but naïve 17 year old discovers the fringe benefits of babysitting: parties, music, and sex! When a raucous teenage party at an employer's house goes terribly wrong, Vicki is chased out into the streets where she is adopted by a high school hooker! Hilarious antics surround her sexual awakening. See John Goodman in his very first film role!

These double-features used to be called the "Grindhouse Collection", but I think they started getting some heat from the Weinsteins and swapped out the title. It's still the same deal, though: nice prints and vintage B-flick antics. Both of these are prime examples of the cheap come-on. I mean, how could you resist a movie titled Supervan or Jailbait Babysitter? Supervan is from 1977 and is mostly a custom van documentary, which is fine with me. It's also got Charles Bukowski in it! Jailbait Babysitter is also from '77 and is reportedly as trashy as its title.

Fubar: Balls to the Wall
Dedicated headbangers and perpetual losers Terry (David Lawrence) and Dean (Paul Spence) return in this boisterous sequel to the 2002 cult hit. After one too many parties and a few too many bucks spent on brews, the duo reluctantly goes where they've never gone before ... to work. Despite their utter lack of skills, Terry and Dean find construction jobs, and the devoted buds overcome minor annoyances like a floozy girlfriend and cancer.

Essentially a Canadian live-action, snowbound Beavis and Butthead riff, this well-done sequel to the cult-fave original finds the boys attempting to play it straight for once in their lives and, naturally, failing miserably at it. And also: bonus cancer! I dunno why. Cancer sorta ruined the fun in the last one, too. I guess Canadians get ball cancer alot. Hello, Tom Green.

Sextette (1978)
In her final film -- an adaptation of the play she penned -- Mae West vamps it up as Marlo Manners, an aging movie star who's just married her sixth husband, a handsome young aristocrat (Timothy Dalton). And while the only thing on her mind is bedding the groom, a flood of comic forces serves to interrupt her honeymoon plans. The star-studded cast includes Dom DeLuise, Ringo Starr, George Hamilton, Keith Moon, Tony Curtis and Alice Cooper.

First of all,  when they say "Final" film, they mean it: Miss West was in her 80's and looking it. It's possible that she died mid-filming and they just Weekend-at-Bernies'd her for the rest of it. Anyway, this is prime late 70's kitchen-sink excess, with superfluous guest stars and the ever-looming threat of seeing Mae get naked and bang a dude. How fun is that? The 70's really were amazing.

Mongolian Death Worm
When an American oil company sets up an experimental drilling plant out in the vast deserts of Mongolia, they are completely oblivious to what actually lies beneath them. Pumping hot water deep into the ground, the company is hoping to expose untapped oil, but what they end up uncovering is something no one ever expected. As the superheated water plummets its way into the earth, it strikes a nest of deadly creatures that have been dormant for centuries. Thought to be purely mythological, these monsters are in fact real…and now they have been awakened! They are angry and they are bloodthirsty. They are known as the Mongolian Death Worms.

Some people really do think these are real things. They're supposed to live in the mud and if you accidentally step on one, they'll spit acid in your face! Awesome. I'm gonna watch any movie about Mongolian Death Worms. No way around it.

Poor Pretty Eddie  (1975)– Blu-ray edition
Brace yourself for one of the 1970s greatest, creepiest, cult classics now available for the first time ever on High Definition Blu-Ray. It s a surreal psycho-thriller that broke all the rules of political correctness and lowbrow film-making as it spun the sordid tale of a black singer from the big city, Liz Wetherly (Leslie Uggams), who finds herself stranded in a backwoods redneck nightmare that makes Deliverance look like a day at Disneyland in comparison. When her car breaks down, Whetherly ends up stuck in a remote southern town that s been left for dead ever since they put in the interstate. She is forced to stay in a dilapidated inn that serves as the bizzaro kingdom of faded, overweight burlesque star Bertha (Shelly Winters), her much younger boy-toy and aspiring Elvis wannabe, Eddie (Michael Christian), and a cast of suitably strange townsfolk including Sheriff Orville (Slim Pickens) and Keno (Ted Cassidy aka Lurch from The Addams Family). Over the years, the film also appeared on the drive-in circuit under the titles Black Vengeance and Heartbreak Motel. But whatever you want to call it, it s not a movie you will soon forget!

I guess there's some rape-y moments in here, so be forewarned, but honestly - how nuts does this sound? Slim fuckin' Pickens in the goddamn sherrif in this movie! I'm in.

That's it for this week. For many more film recommendations, check out the Movies About Girls Podcast!

- Ken McIntyre (plot descriptions courtesy Amazon and Netflix)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Week in Sleaze April 13th, 2011

The rent's not due for a couple weeks, so why not splurge on some movies? Here's this week's DVD picks!

Dirty Mary Crazy Larry/Race with the Devil
An Action-Packed Double Feature Starring Academy Award Nominee Peter Fonda
Larry (Peter Fonda) is a former NASCAR racer looking to score some quick cash. Mary (Susan George) is a sexy groupie aching to take a fast ride. Together with mechanic Deke (Adam Roarke), they pull off a cold-blooded supermarket heist and hit the highway in Dirty Mary Crazy Larry. Now there is a maniacal lawman (Vic Morrow) on their trail, an entire police force in pursuit and hundreds of miles of roadblocks between their 69 Charger and freedom. Buckle up for the action classic that blows the doors off all other car chase films as it speeds toward one of the most jaw-dropping finales in movie history. Directed by John Hough (The Legend Of Hell House, The Incubus).

For old friends Roger (Fonda) and Frank (Warren Oates) and their wives (Lara Parker, Loretta Swit), it was supposed to be the best damn vacation they ever had. But their RV road trip takes a deadly detour at a secluded campsite when they accidentally witness a satanic sacrifice in Race With The Devil. Now horror hits the highway as the couples are pursued by satanic cultists through some of the most intense car chases and into one of the greatest twist endings in drive-in movie history. Directed by Jack Starrett (The Losers, Cleopatra Jones), who was also an actor and played the memorable role of the vicious Deputy Galt in First Blood.

This is a fantastic double-bill of two 70's drive-in classics. Fonda is super-cool and Susan George is hot and weird in Dirty Mary and the ending is amazing. Fonda's not as cool in Race with the Devil, but that's the idea, really. Also, it's got 70's Satanists. They're the best kind. This one's a winner.

HR Pufnstuf the Complete Series
Relive the Saturday mornings of your youth with the first series from legendary producers Sid & Marty Krofft! When a boy names Jimmy finds himself stranded on Living Island with his magic gold flute Freddy, he is taken in by a talking dragon named H.R. Pufnstuf, who is the mayor of Living Island. Pufnstuf tries to help Jimmy escape, while at the same time tries to avoid the evil Witchiepoo who wants the magic flute all to herself.
Bonus features include: Collectible H.R. Pufnstuf Bobblehead! Downloadable vintage coloring sheets! And an exclusive episode of Horror Hotel never-before-on DVD! Only one episode of Horror Hotel was created featuring everyone’s favorite Pufnstuf characters including Witchiepoo!

This was the most (accidentally) psychedelic kids's show of the 70's, a vomitous riot of jarring sound and color that could induce panic among those of us with nervous dispositions. Imagine being eight years old and sprinkling acid into your Cap'n Crunch. That's what's going on here.

Reclusive Londoner Jamie Morgan (Jim Sturgess), who bears a prominent, heart-shaped birthmark on his face yet can't seem to find love anywhere, makes a deal with a devil-like figure to get a girl -- but there's a deadly price to pay. After his mother is murdered, the newspapers say thugs wearing devil masks committed the crime. But Jamie soon begins to suspect that they weren't wearing masks at all.

I like this kinda stuff. Paranoia or demon infestation? I suspect the former, but hope for the latter. Only one way to find out. Also, why do all the thugs in England wear hoodies? Michael Cera wears hoodies, man. Whatever happened to black leather jackets?

Behind the Burly Q
Dive into more than a century of decadence with this tantalizing look at the evolution of burlesque. Cabaret star Leslie Zemeckis traces the art form from vaudeville-style variety show through its extinction and contemporary rebirth. Vintage photos, film clips and ads illustrate burlesque's resilient history and how the public's sexual appetite kept it alive amid moral and legal ado. Zemeckis's husband, Robert, executive produces.

You gotta love burlesque. Since it's revival in the past decade, hundreds of women who would balk at the idea of doffing-their-tops at a strip club have eagerly embraced the lost art of burlesque. I mean, it's still stripping, but it's kitschy, artful stripping, so it's ok. Works for me. Anyway, this covers the history-of, and has lots of classic clips. It'll probably whet your appetite for more of the stuff. Hint: try Something Weird, they've got literally tons of the stuff.

Female Convict 701: Scorpion (1972)
In the wake of a shocking crime, an ordinary woman is transformed into a fighting machine in this action drama straight from Japan. Matsu, known to the prisoners as Scorpion, is locked away in the bowels of the prison as revenge for her disfiguring attack on the warden. Granted a one-day reprieve, she attacks the warden again, which leads to more brutal punishment and humiliation. But her punishment provides an opportunity to escape, along with six other female prisoners. Their surreal flight from prison pits the convicts against the guards, the warden, and each other.

Reissue of the classic that spawned many sequels and a remake or two. Meaner and darker (but less skin-baring) than US WIP flicks, this is wild, bruising exploitation.

- Ken McIntyre (plot descriptions courtesy Amazon and Netflix)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Week in Sleaze April 5, 2011

Another week, another pile of DVDs to obsess over. Here's this week's top picks!

Roger Corman's Action-Packed Collection
It’s an Action-Packed Triple Feature Loaded With Car Chases, Crashes, Robberies, Explosions and a Little Moonshine!
Two sisters running an auto repair shop and their moonshine-running boyfriend are extorted into becoming undercover government agents to outwit the Dragon Lady of the Southern crime belt in Georgia Peaches. Starring singer Tanya Tucker, Dirk Benedict (The A-Team), Sally Kirkland and Terri Nunn (lead singer for the group Berlin), this action-packed comedy was produced by Roger Corman as a pilot for a possible television series.

Candy (Claudia Jennings, Gator Bait, DeathSport) and Ellie Jo (Jocelyn Jones, Tourist Trap) are a pair of sexy bank robbers who blast their way into small-town banks with a carload of dynamite in The Great Texas Dynamite Chase! When they take Slim (Johnny Crawford, Valley Of The Giants) hostage, it begins a thrill-packed crime spree across the state of Texas. Also starring Tara Strohmeier (Candy Stripe Nurses), Bart Braverman (Alligator) and Priscilla Pointer (Carrie).

Smokey Bites The Dust follows the rivalry between a small-town Southern sheriff and a small-town delinquent who steals cars and then destroys them with the sheriff’s daughter by his side. Starring Jimmy McNichol (Night Warning), Janet Julian (King Of New York, Humongous), William Forsythe (Raising Arizona) and Walter Barnes (High Plains Drifter), this action-packed comedy was directed by Charles B. Griffith (Up From The Depths) and co-produced by Gale Anne Hurd (The Terminator, The Incredible Hulk)

This looks like one of the best Corman reissues yet. I picked up Dynamite when it was initially released a few years back, and it's a fun, frothy action-comedy. Smokey sounds like a snooze, but Georgia Peaches - which I believe is being released on DVD for the first time - sounds amazing. Tanya Tucker? Holy smokes. You gotta snap this one up.

Zombie Women of Satan
After her sister is kidnapped by a bizarre cult, rock singer Skye Brannigan (Victoria Hopkins) sets out to find her. The members of freaky burlesque troupe Flesharama become involved in the hunt, and soon they're all attacked by a flock of gorgeous zombie women. Led by Satan and their insane creators, the Zander family, the zombies won't stop the carnage until their lust for blood and guts is fully satisfied in this gory horror flick.

Could be stupid. Probably is, in fact. But I am still a firm fan of the sleazy come-on, and I figure anybody that's gonna release something with a title as audacious as Zombie Women of Satan at least deserves a mention.

Xena: Warrior Princess Season 2 (1996)
There have been impressive women throughout television history but no one has fired up the imagination like Xena: Warrior Princess. Lucy Lawless returns to her iconic role in all 22 Season 2 episodes as the female fighter with the brawn bravery and brashness to rid the world of some of the most massive mythological deviants ever seen. Joined by her faithful companion and trusted ally Gabrielle (Renée O’Connor) Xena roams through this life and the next searching for redemption from her ruthless past. And in this gripping season Xena has the chance to make peace with some of the most important people harmed by her former exploits… if she can stay alive. It’s a quest filled with unbelievable swordfighting deadly giants daring rescues and vengeful gods in the continuing adventures of this larger-than-life heroine.

To be honest, I've only ever seen one episode of this show, and that was at a laundromat. They had the TV in a cage, too, so I had to watch it through metal bars. Still, I liked what I saw: tongue-in-cheek sword n' sorcery with heavy lesbian undertones. It's like somebody gave a 14 year old boy his own production company and told him to go wild with it.

Beneath the Dark
On a road trip through the Mojave Desert, contented couple Paul (Josh Stewart) and Adrienne (Jamie-Lynn Sigler) stop at a time-forgotten motel to rest, but their peace is disturbed when nocturnal visits with ominous fellow guests stir a frightful secret that looms between them. As the walls begin to speak and the grim truth closes in on unsuspecting Adrienne, Paul is driven to desperate and violent action in this psychological thriller.

Is this like Vacancy? Or Bug? Or Rest Stop? Or Joy Ride? Can't say for sure, but probably yes, on all counts. I love stories like this. Of course, after seeing so many of these movies, I can't really travel anymore. Because there's clearly serial killers everywhere. Pretty much anybody who runs a motel has a moatful of dead bodies out back, I'm sure of it.

Smash Cut (blu-ray)
With his recent films failing to impress anyone, independent horror auteur Able Whitman (David Hess) is desperate to win fans -- and win them he does when he begins to use real body parts as set dressing in this splatter flick send-up from director Lee Demarbre. While a car accident provides him with the initial body parts -- which belonged to a stripper -- Able begins to resort to more desperate measures when his new realism catches on. Starring adult star Sasha Grey.

Legendary bad-guy Hess returns in what looks like a pretty goofy splatter-comedy. Also, is it just me, or does Sasha Grey seem super snotty? Anyway, I missed this during its initial release, so I might as welll take the plunge with this new blu-ray release. Could be good. Hope springs eternal. It's gotta be better than Black Swan.

For many more movie recommendations, check out the Movies About Girls podcast!

- Ken McIntyre (plot descriptions courtesy Netflix)


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