Best Dirty Snapchat Names of 2018

All the good snapchat names are taken, right?
Wrong. At least not for the dirty minded folk.
I’m here to help you get the best dirty snapchat username if you want to start up your own private Snapchat account or simply let every one of your friends know you’re with the shits. None of these names are taken, so it’s first come first serve (no pun intended)!
Happy snapping.
1. cleanslut
Why do women have to be dirty sluts? Embrace your sexuality by owning the term “slut,” but make it known you take excellent care of yourself and have a great hygiene routine by changing “dirty” to “clean.”
2. vulvamami
This one goes out to my Latina girls.
If you plan on showing your coochie a lot or just love your vagina, this is a good name to use. Take pride in your genitalia and let these boys know what a vulva is!
3. foreignf_ck
Again, for my ethnic people, this one is specially made for you.
Own your heritage and your sex appeal with this username and reveal just how amazing it is to fuck foreign.
4. suckmyt1ts
Unfortunately tits with an “i” is taken, so a number one will have to suffice.
But a top 5 underrated sexual act, sucking on boobs should be your go-to for foreplay. It’ll for sure get someone going and practically beg for you to move on from foreplay.
5. xxx(y/n)
Classic pornstar appeal. Just type XXX and your name next to it and BAM.
Your account automatically has sex appeal, and people will know what you’re about, which is why this username works well for any private Snapchat account.
6. semen.queen

Claim yourself as the semen queen with this username! But beware — if you take this, you’re gonna have to prove it!

7. cum.princess
Just a step down in the jizz hierarchy from semen.queen, I imagine this username being put to good use.
8. fellatiof____
Felicia, Fernanda, Fernando, Fatima, Frank, Felix, Fabiola — If your name starts with an “F,” play around and see how to make your name work with fellatio if it’s taken, and if not, then you’ve got yourself a dirty Snapchat username!
9. hoely.fuck
A cute play on the cuss phrase “holy fuck,” a well-used line in many porn flicks.
10. kinkyk____

Another fill in the blank username, you’ve been blessed by having your name start with a “K,” now, all you have to do is find a variation of underscores, periods, or numbers to include with “kinky” to have your own dirty Snapchat name!
11. buttplaydarling

If you love butt play, this is the perfect dirty username for you! Advertise your kink and attract all the people who love butt play as well to your account.
‘Cause chains and whips excite me! Word to Rihanna.
For all of you into BDSM, this username would fit you perfectly.
13. ballxxxbuster
But in a good way.
Men love having their balls played with, and if you fancy yourself to be good at it, then take this username!
14. nutxxxbuster
15. mypussypopsseverely
If you know, you know.


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5 Romantic Comedies That Should be on Your Girls Night Movie List

Rom Coms get a bad rep in the world of movies these days, but some of them are just cheesy enough to be heart warming. Here’s a list of the top 5 romantic comedies that should definitely be on your girls night movie list. Hint: Adam Sandler is on the list twice.

  1. 50 first dates

Coming out in the early 2000s this heartwarming film gets the number 1 watch on our list. The reason its so easy to love is because of its perfect blend of goofy and cute.

Drew Barrymore is the lead character who has a strange disease where her memory is wiped clean every night because of a car accident she was in when she was young. Her family goes out of their way to let her live the same day over again so they can avoid telling her that she has the disease everyday.

Insert Adam Sandler who doesn’t know about her disease. Every day he tries a new method to try and get Lucy to fall in love with him. Eventually, he works out a deal with her family that they should expose her illness to her every day and then the journey really begins! This is not one to miss.

2. The Other Woman

An unlikely trio make this film awesome for women (and men) of all ages. Cameron Diaz, Kate Upton, and Leslie Mann come together to take down an unfaithful husband together. The three woman decide to band together when devoted housewife discovers that her husband is cheating on her with Diaz’s character.

The three team together and follow the man everywhere he goes until they finally expose him. This will have you cracking up from the beginning as you see the lengths they go to get revenge.

There is also a surprise appearance by none other than Nicki Minaj. Talk about girl power.

3. Just go With It

Adam Sandler, once again, plays a savvy male lead as he wins woman’s heart with his money and charm as a plastic surgeon.

He soon gets into a huge pickle when a woman he hooks up with spots a ring on his finger that he uses to lie to women about a fake sob story.

He quickly makes up a scenario where he says he was married but his wife is evil and he is separated from her. He convinces his assistant, who happens to be Jennifer Aniston, to help him carry out his fake failed marriage. Soon the characters all find themselves on a fake trip to Hawaii and feelings between Sandler and Aniston’s characters become evident.

4. How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days

Kate Hudson’s character plays a young columnist in this heart warming film. Her editor wants her to do a story about how to ruin a relationship in only ten days.

She has her work cut out for her when she is matched up with Matthew McConaughey’s sexy male character. She quickly discovers that this is going to be harder than she thought when she finds out he still lives with his parents.

5. 500 Days of Summer

Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character is swept off his feet when he meets Zoey Deschanel’s character in this artistic RomCom.

A slippery love affair between the two will have you laughing, crying and rooting for them from start to finish.

Check out the video below for more info on the best romantic comedies!