3 Best Films that Showcase Women

Ever since the beginning of movies, there are movies made about women. Beautiful woman, reckless woman, intelligent woman and of course, the woman who the main character falls in love with. There is something so endearing about watching a woman on the screen and how captivating they can be. We picked our three favorite films that display the brightest female characters and explain why we love them so much.

Uptown Girls

Rest in peace beautiful Brittany Murphy. One of the last movies Murphy made before she passed away was this film featuring a young Dakota Fanning.

Murphy’s character is a young starlet whose deceased father left her with hundreds of expensive guitars and money. Sure enough, the money runs out and the woman is forced to look for money else where. She soon stumbles along a sick woman who needs help caring for her 11-year-old rebellious daughter. Murphy is hired as the nanny and is quickly swept off her feet by the responsibility that this job holds.

At first, the girls bicker as they get to know each other. Fanning’s character is extremely OCD and hates the fun and fast life that he new nanny lives. But once the mother passes the girls bond is not something to underestimate.

Before I Fall

Before I Fall is kind of like a modern Mean Girls with a dark twist.

This film displays the typical high school group of popular girls. They are all pretty with jock boyfriends and a bitchy sense of humor. The film begins with a party that all of the girls attend. The party mood is quickly altered when the girls get into a car crash that seems like it ends their life.

The main character then wakes up to find out that she is actually living the day of her death over and over. She is forced to listen to the same conversations and realizes that she has been living a malicious life. She sets out to embark on this journey to try and fix her wrong doings and possibly bring herself back to life.

Almost Famous

Although this film is more about Rock n’ Roll than the girls in it, the female characters in this movie are truly unforgettable.

This movie is set right after the summer of love. A young man is looking to make it big as a music journalist so he sets off on tour with a popular rock group. The real show stealers are the groupies that come along with the band. Of course, they prefer to be called ‘band-aids.’ Miss Penny Lane, played by a young Kate Hudson, takes on the role of female lead and makes just about every male role fall in love with her.

There is an infamous scene in this film where the band is stuck in a boring city. The girls make the decision to ‘deflower the kid.’ So then in an ostentatious display of colorful scarves and bare skin, the girls steal the show by taking the 15-year-old main character’s virginity.

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