Sunday, September 14, 2014

Drew Buzzy Show: Rock-n-Roll Eggs

Who doesn't love Rock-n-Roll? Squares and rejects that's who. So this podcast is definitely not for them. Unfortunately it's also not for fans of actual rock either. Because I don't have any of those records. But I do happen to have a few cuts laying around that may or may not rock 100% accurately, or necessarily rock hard at all, because they're more like ideas of rock-n-roll. Or even the babies of rock-n-roll. Like little eggs. Rock-roll eggs. Nevertheless they do deliver that all important message: keep on rockin in the free world, friends.

00: The World in Sound 1966 - (excerpt)
01: Buzzy Show Intro
02: Hexstatic - Rock
03: Manowar - All Men Play on Ten
04: Spyder D - I Can't Wait(to rock the mic)
05: Horrific Child - Frayeur(part one)
06: Hexstatic -Rock
07: Madam X - We Reserve the Right to Rock
08: Palmer Rockey - Rock it Nice and Easy
09: Reznicek - side one(excerpt)
10: Bob Seger - Old Time Rock-n-Roll
11: Hexstatic - Rock
12: Starbuck - Rock-n-Roll Rockit
13: Horrific Child - Frayeur(part two)
14: Ozzy Osbourne - You Can't Kill Rock-n-Roll
15: Hexstatic - Rock
16: Buzzy Show Outro
17: West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - Help I'm a Rock

Listen/Download HERE! 

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