Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Drew Buzzy Show: Anything Goes Bananas!

I'm just going to mix some records I have laying around. No theme tonight. Just some fun. For me at least! I'm not sure how you're going to feel about it. This mix features at least three self released artists(a particular passion of mine). Enjoy the chaos as Everything Goes Bananas!

0.0. Pre Intro
0.1. Ron Jeremy - Excerpt from his 7" (pun intended)
01. Buzzy Intro
02. Die Sterne - Themenladen(excerpt)
03. Vomit Lunch remixing Stock, Hausen and Walkman - Side A (excerpt)
04. Soilent Green - early track from the 7" comp Cry Now Cry Later #3
05. Reverberi - Timer
06. Palmer Rockey - Longing for You(the record I was boasting about getting in the mail. My new favorite record! Learn more about Palmer Rockey here). -Self released record!
07. Ray Harlowe & Gyp Fox - Gettin' Keyed - Another self released record!
08. Bjorn Sund Trio - Cantaloupe Island
09. The Pop Group - We Are All Prostitutes
10. Negativeland - Carbomb
11. Yes - Leave It (acapella w/ some altered sounds from this 10" record by some artist I can't remember the name of right now)
12. Wastoid - (some track from Total Pukeoid side two I think.)
13. Kenny Loggins - Do it Right (b-side to Danger Zone 45... played on 33 rpm)
14. Explosive Percussion - (some track from this crazy record called Explosive Percussion - on clear blue vinyl no less!)
15. West Coast Experimental Pop Art Band - Will You Walk With Me
16. Presidents Breakfast - Goosebumps  -One of my all time favorite self released records!
17. Stock, Hausen and Walkman remixing Vomit Lunch - Side B (excerpt)
18. Buzzy Outro
19. ...?

Listen/download HERE! 


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