Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Drew Buzzy Show #5: Sounds of Oregon

What can I say about today's show. Do you like sounds? Have you ever heard of Portland, Oregon? Is incest really the best? And do all girls have a little bitch in them? Who knows. All I can do is spin the vinyl and let you decide.

Today's episode features some goofy old records about sounds, some Oregon propaganda records, This crazy record called Settling the West that has some weird Oregon stuff on it, Negativeland, a rare N.W.A. b-side and Melvins, not to mention the great Kenneth Higney and a track from the amazing Perrey-Kingsly collaboration and so much more.

Special guest starring Kathleen Hannah as film and T.V. star Jane Powell. Find the secret duck sound and win!

Here's a picture of me holding a beer and one of my favorite weird records, Strange to Your Ears, which appears in this mix a couple times.Damn that Melvins track kills it! Good times!

-Drew Buzzy

Listen/download HERE! 


  1. pretty please with a cherry on top keep cranking these out. your mixes rule!

  2. So glad you dig it. I'm just getting started.


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