Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Drew Buzzy Show! Episode 3: Eno

It's time for another round of weird records from the collection of me, Drew Buzzy! This episode features the famous Mr. Brian Eno! Although there's no Eno music on this particular mix (that would be a little too obvious for me), Eno's sexy, brainy voice gets mixed in here and there via a 1989 promo-only record made to promote a band he produced (Hugo Largo, if you're curious). He waxes poetic about everything from musicology to heavy metal in his typical overly intellectual and spot on way.

This mix also features two of the worst records in my collection: Shirley, Squirrely & Melvin -an Alvin and the Chipmonks rip-off, and The Kosher Club -a collection of....I have no idea. Jewish alternative comedy music? All I know is that Rasta Jew is one of the worst songs ever and therefore it is awesome.

There's a healthy amount of cover songs in this mix by Nurse with Wound, His Name is Alive, Solenoid and Steel Pole Bathtub as well as some John Cage (the little toy piano sounds) sprinkled on top of the nonsense. So sit back and enjoy the good times! Mixed live from two turntables straight to cassette! That's how I roll, yo.

Listen/Download HERE! 

-Drew Buzzy


  1. Excellent job, Sir Buzzy. Well done taking whistling kettles (by strategy).

  2. Thank you Shamus! There's more where that comes from. I haven't even put a dent in my weird record collection.


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