Saturday, November 16, 2013

MAG Down Under Variety Hour Episode 7!

Hey buddies! We had to postpone the regular MAG Show this week, but fate smiled upon us all to bring forth another episode of everyone's favourite antipodean spin-off, the MAG Down Under Variety Hour!

This time around, Bodacious BoDuley, Dangerous Drew Buzzy and Slammin' Squeaky Dave joined the Australian Captain and Tennille, Alistair and Siobhan, for two jam packed hours of laughs, fun, games and songs. More Drew Stories! More Down Under Talent Spectacular! Plus: the debut of Justin 'MoiveMontageMan' Greenberg's One Man Movie Game!

Also here's a video of a girl named Emma singing Rainbow Connection that'll melt your heart.

Listen/download HERE!

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