Sunday, July 14, 2013

Movies About Girls Podcast Episode 170

Tonight, the gang heads to summer camp with Tatum, Kristy, and Matt in 1980's Little Darlings!

SOMEONE's gonna get laid, but who?
Find out tonight! Also on the show: the trimphant return of Let's Fuck up the Podcast AND Mike Demonik! Plus, more of Kent Spoils Your Favorite Movies,  the Crazy News, the Top 5 and Bottom 5 DVDs of the Week, The Boobs Report, Amanda's Made for TV Mayhem Minute, Songs about Girls, and lots more!

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PS Songs on tonight's show performed by:
Doobie Brothers
The Ferris Wheel 
The Galaxies
Iron Virgin
Amanda Jenssen 

Thanks for listening! 


  1. Constructive criticism: I downloaded your podcast for the first time to see if I would enjoy your approach to discussing "movies about girls" with this episode, and after 6 or 7 minutes there has been no introduction to what is going on or the identities of the people who are talking. It seems like a bunch of random excerpts from a previous freewheeling discussion of various personal topics which are bridged by a very annoying stoner voice doing a "nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah" vocal riff. After the above-mentioned length of time I gave up and don't see myself downloading again. It might be a good idea to structure the show in a way that is a little more welcoming to people who aren't in on all the in-jokes rather than throwing a bunch of random clips at someone right off the bat with no introduction.

  2. Thie first part of the show is a recap of the last show, whicc h is clearly addressed as such!

  3. Why do you need a recap of the last show in a non-fiction podcast? Recaps are usually given in serial TV drama in order to bring a new person up to speed on what has happened in an ongoing story thus far, but since this is an audio-only medium, I have no idea who the characters are who are talking, and the chosen clips do not seem to be communicating a coherent narrative about the people speaking. That confusion would have been tolerable for a longer period of time if the repeating audio clip of the person singing off key in between these clips hadn't grated on my ears.

  4. That's cool if you feel that way, but if you listen further, everything and everyone is explained once the show proper starts. We do the show every two weeks and we often refer to events that happened in the show prior, so that's why we do the recap intro.

  5. And it's cool if you want to do it this way. You've been doing it for a long time, so it must work for you guys. Just wanted to offer a perspective from someone who is coming to it cold. I downloaded based on the idea that each episode would be a discussion of a particular B-movie (based on the descriptions of the episodes). When the movie in the title wasn't being discussed and I couldn't figure out what actually was being discussed instead (just seemed to be some friends cutting each other up, which is fun for the people involved, but not for someone who doesn't know these people) I bailed. Maybe other people have the same reaction and "killing your darlings" by ditching the preamble and saving the yuks for the film discussion promised in the subject line of the episode would be more welcoming. I will now shut my yap and leave you in peace.


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