Sunday, April 14, 2013

Top 10 Most Spectacular ‘Honey West’ Outfits

I could probably go through the series and include pictures of more or less anything worn by Anne Francis in 1965 detective show Honey West, because, well, Anne Francis, but here’s ten that stood out. Don’t forget, we’ll be (finally) taking a look at the show on next week’s MAG, on April 20th.



In episode 3 (The Abominable Snowman), Honey wears what appears to be some kind of cling-wrap/sequins combo, and tends to partner Sam’s black eye with a large steak.



Honey goes under cover as a nurse in episode 18 (King of the Mountain).



Honey wears a black cat suit – for night time snooping – in most episodes. Pictured here in episode 23 (Come to Me, My Litigation Baby).



Under cover as a Polynesian restaurant waitress in episode 10 (A Neat Little Package), following a tussle with some crooks in a lake.



Episode 7 (The Princess and the Paupers), requires Honey to go under cover briefly as a bathing beauty at a lake.



Honey drops a cool grand on this designer gown from her client, Mr Antoine of Beverly Hills, in episode 11 (A Stitch in Crime).



Honey, sort of under cover in an Annette-esque mesh bikini, on a boat in episode 4 (A Matter of Wife and Death). Male gaze courtesy of her partner Sam, watching from the shore. “Any problems?” he asks. “Only a Peeping Sam. Girl watch on your own time,” she replies.



Under cover once again as a waitress, this time in some kind of one-armed tiger-print affair, from episode 12 (A Million Bucks in Anyone’s Language), and once again spied upon/watched by Sam from afar.



It’s actually her double, Pandora Fox, who sports this outfit in episode 22 (Don’t Look Now, But That Isn’t Me, which we’ll cover on MAG this coming weekend), but either way, it’s Anne Francis. Also pictured: Alan Reed, the voice of Fred Flintstone!



Honey stakes out a sauna in episode 14 (Invitation to Limbo), in a towel.


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