Saturday, April 6, 2013

Movies About Girls Podcast Episode 164

It's TV Shows About Girls Week on the Movies About Girls podcast, and tonight A-lister takes us on a trip back to 1965 to check out sexy private eye Honey West!

At least that was the plan. But then things went awry, and Honey got bumped to next show. 

But wait! We've still got That's Not a Real Band Name, Is It?, Krazy news, the Top 5 and Bottom 5 DVDs of the Week, Songs about Girls, and lots more! 

Listen/download HERE!

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  1. Hi Everyone !

    Congratulations for your blog. I found it about a month ago and since then I have read almost every possible entry. Remembering all these great movies I had watched by the early nineties made me feel nostalgic.

    So anyway I was looking for an action movie and I think you might be able to help me. I had seen part of it in the 90's but I never got to see the ending. Now there are only 2-3 scenes I remeber. I will try to describe them to you.

    It was a movie about two girls who live/venture together, somewhat like Thelma and Luise, or Baise moi. The girls were the typical shy girl/slutty girl couple. I think the script included a bit of internal monologue on the part of the shy girl but my memory is vauge. The slutty girl looked kinda like vanity, relatively dark with black curly hair.

    The scenes I remember are the following :

    1. Slutty girl wearing a loose white top is jumping around in their appartment, revealing part of her undercleavage. Shy girl makes an internal monologue about their relationship.

    2. Guy threatens slutty girl with a gun near a pool table. But he changes his mind and instead wants to have sex with her. Surprizingly Slutty girl agrees on one term. "IF we are to do it, we should do it properly"

    3. Girl go grocerry shopping. They gather up some goods and get to the cashier. Instead of paying slutty girl lifts her top and invites the clerk to touch her breasts. The clerk hesitates but eventually does it and the girls walk out with the goods.

    I know that the information I offer is not much but I see that you are experts on the matter. After all these years I am very curious about how this movie ends so I would owe you everything if you have any hint about which movie it is.

    Thanks !!!!


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