Sunday, February 10, 2013

White Slaves of Chinatown (1964)

Directed By Joseph P. Mawra
Starring Audrey Campbell, Marlaina Abbie, Gigi Darlene, George Weiss

"I'll show you what we do with tramps like you!"

The BDS&M roughie genre gets off to a plodding start in the first of the Olga pictures, White Slaves of Chinatown. Don't let the race baiting title deceive you, there aren't many Asians to be seen. However there are plenty of nylons, and tied up chicks getting roughed up to help you forget all of that. Not quite in abundance, too be clear, but what's there is more than in your average picture. White Slaves of Chinatown is not quite raincoat worthy, yet it's not quite a date flick either. Now lets get down to it.

As was the de rigueur at the time, this roughie paints itself as a cautionary tale. With Chinese parade music on a seemingly continuous loop (spiced up with the occasional jazz number) the flick begins with front page headlines. Highlights include the words: Narcotics! Addicts! Schoolchildren!  Hey, you get the point. And where is the source of the nations woes? Fuckin Chinatown, where we are warned that those who venture here, are "surely taking their life in their own hands!" Why? Because OLGA!

Olga's habitat is town home on the outside, and a beehive of torture chambers on the inside. Here we see female after female, collapsed on the dirt floor, exhausted, filthy, and deprived of life's necessities as Olga (Audrey Campbell) gradually turns them out to make money for her on the street. Olga's a pimp! But she's not quite her own boss. Her "secret strength" is that she is backed by the syndicate. One little half-assed plot involves a young lady named "Frenchy". Frenchy (Gigi Darlene) is the daughter of a "high-ranking French diplomat."

Frenchy resists Olga's attempts to secure her signature on a stack of letters asking her dad to send her money. Hey, no problem. Now we get to hear the Chinese parade music as Frenchy wiggles around topless on the floor of her dirty, tiny cell. After all that, she is ready to sign anything. Olga takes the money straight to the syndicate, where she buys more drugs both to turn out prostitutes, and to deal. Again, the narrator explains to us that "Olga is an animal without conscience, who wouldn't think twice about selling pot to young schoolchildren. Anything for a buck."

There are numerous other little machinations afoot. An escape attempt, peeks into a white opium den/make out room, there's also an abortion scene. Notably, the doctor is portrayed by George Weiss, who not only produced all of the Olga films. But also produced Glen or Glenda. He was portrayed by Mike Starr in the movie Ed Wood. Perty neat, huh?

The BDS&M action is light. The floggings are seen by shadow only. But there's a handful of damsels all tied up, with fear in their eyes, a couple of topless scenes, and leering looks at thighs clad in nylon. Dame Olga is a beautiful villain, in some scenes she is lit like a vampire. And (spoiler alert), she never gets caught. She just carries on being an alpha bitch, ripping and tearing her way through America's youth. Someone grab the popcorn.


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