Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Paracinema 18 Available Now

It’s a new year, and Paracinema -- the film magazine for people who love genre movies -- has a brand spankin’ new issue. Copies of the December 2012 issue just shipped this week, and it’s now available for ordering over at

Founded in 2007, Paracinema covers all kinds of off-the-beaten-path film fare, with interviews and in-depth analyses matched with glossy full color photos. Issue 18 brings readers another highly eclectic mix of articles, including a cover story by MAG’s resident sweetheart and Paracinema editrix Christine!

Here’s a look at what readers will find in the new issue:

  • Speed Racer: The Art of Absurdity 
(Patrick Smith)
  • In a Lonely Place and the Shadow of Serial Crime 
(Samm Deighan)
  • Now Read the Movie: Chronicle as Young Adult Literature
 (C. Rachel Katz)
  • That Movie About the Giant Turtle and the Girl with Glowing Green Eyes 
(Todd Garbarini)
  • Norman Mailer’s Underground Trilogy 
(Brett Taylor)
  • The Goriest Film You Never Saw (Jose Cruz)
  • Lost Video Archive: Aerobicide & Death Spa 
(Seth Goodkind)
  • Marriage Bites: Lesbian Vampires and the Failure of Heterosexuality in Daughters of Darkness
 (Erin Wiegand)
  • “When Single Shines the Triple Sun”: Duality and Self Discovery in The Dark Crystal (Christine Makepeace)
  • Freedom in Filmmaking: Universal’s Indie Experiment
 (Martin Harris)
  • 3D’s Use and Potential in Today’s Cinematic Landscape
 (Caleb McCandless)
  • Last Words: ...And I Feel Fine.
 (S. Patrick Gallagher)

    Click on over to the Paracinema site and with just a couple of clicks more you can have a copy of Issue 18 shipped (for free!) right to your door for just seven bucks.

    - Triple S

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