Saturday, May 12, 2012

Movies About Girls Podcast Episode 141

Tonight, MAG-lite, your bi-weekly bite-sized edition of the Movies About Girls Show. Except, tonight it's not just MAG-lite, it's MAG-lite PLUS!

What's the PLUS? Jim Ether's the plus!

That's right, Ken's old sideman returns to the studio for one-night only. And he forgets to play all his old clips. But don't worry, because the night still rang with laffs, gaffes, gags and goofs! There's Crazy News, That's Not a Real Band Name, Is It? Siobhan's all-new butcher-related comedy routine, Christine's new Swedish cowboy theme, and lots more!

Listen/Download HERE! 
Tonight's goodbye song is by Nancy Baron.
Next week: Advanced Demonology!

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