Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Week in Sleaze Feb 14th 2012

Happy Valentines Day, MAG-fans! This year, why not give your loved one the gift of sleaze?
Here's this week's notable DVD releases, hand-picked by MAG's gang of zanies!

Boeing Boeing (1965)
American journalist Bernard Lawrence has three stewardess girlfriends, none of whom know about the others. When his rival, Robert Reed, arrives in Paris, he invades Bernard's apartment and schemes to take over his duplicitous but tantalizing life. Starring Jerry Lewis and Tony Curtis

Seriously, think about it: sexy stewardesses in 1965! Tony Curtis and Jerry Lewis! Cigarettes and hi-balls and rampant sexism! How can you lose with this one?

Gang of Roses II: Next Generation
Cassie, the last remaining member of the original Gang of Roses, is sitting in a small Mexican jail holding the writtencode to a US military safe. It s here that she meets Collette (Eurika Pratts), a young gambler looking for her next con.Kate (Rocsi Diaz) attempts to break her out, and Cassie is killed. Upon their return, Kate and Collette meet up without laws Candi (Teyana Taylor) and Mimi (Claudia Jordan). After some lengthy planning, the four women head to the Mexican town of San Juevo and prepare for the robbery, which will take place in the town church. But unbeknownst to them, they are being followed by Lee (Gabriel Casseus) and his posse of bandits, looking to ambush the women before they can make their big score.

The original Gang of  Roses was one of the most inexplicable things I've ever seen: an all-hot-black-chick western, played straight, by mostly non-actresses (Little Kim! Macy Gray!). It wasn't quite as crazy as you might like, but it was still pretty fuckin' crazy. And now they've done it AGAIN, with new hot-black-chick non-actresses? Holy smokes, sign me up!

Nude Nuns with Big Guns
After sweet Sister Sarah is victimized by the brutal and corrupt clergy members in her church and nearly dies, God tells her to take revenge. Now she's packing heat and blowing away the bad guys.

It is extremely unlikely that this film will live up to its title. However, all it has to do is provide the title image, and it will still be worth the effort/dough. That's exploitation!

Swinger's Massacre (1975)
This thriller/drama follows a a suburban lawyer down a ruinous, blood-covered road. The trouble begins when he tires of life in the slow lane and suggests that he and his wife should join a swinging couple's club and do a little spouse swapping. But then he begins suspecting that the wife is having too much fun with the other swingers.

AKA the entirely porny-sounding Inside Amy, this rarely seen mid 70's swingersploitation grinderhouser features, among others, Russ Meyer udder-queen Ushi Digard! There's a good chance it's awful, and an even better chance this “DVD” is sourced from VHS, but Swinger + Massacre + 1975 is a little too tantalizing to pass up.

Yakuza Hunters: Final Death Ride Battle
A 70s-style pink film featuring a host of B-movie cult favorites including Yoshihiro Nishimura from The Machine Girl and Tsuyoshi Kazuno from Robo Geisha. Furious with Junko,who massacred her old friends called the Yakuza hunters,  Asami enters into a final battle with four old friends.

Apparently one of a series of nu-Pink/splatter flicks. So if you like half-naked Japanese chicks chopping heads – and you do, we all do – you're gonna want to investigate this pronto.

That's it for this week. Seems like plenty. Check out MAG-lite this Sat for more recommendations!

- Ken 

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