Friday, November 18, 2011

School of the Holy Beast (1974)

Direwtyed by Noribumi Suzuki
Starring Yumi Takigawa, Emiko Yamauchi

"Lord, beat me with a whip." 

This film really only needs a one sentence review.  Hot young naked Japanese lesbian nuns.  Yes.  I said hot young naked Japanese lesbian nuns.

There was a plot.  Trite at best, of  a young girl trying to discover what happened to her mother,  so she enters the “School of the Holy Beast” to become a nun and find her past.  The plot really doesn’t matter as this film declares itself “Japan’s most notorious Nun-Exploitation film”.  Does that mean there’s more nun films?  And where can I find them?  I tried to follow what was going on, but a bunch of hot chicks in habits are kind of hard to tell apart, and it got confusing keeping track of who was doing what to who.  But again, it didn’t really matter because of the hot naked lesbian nuns.  Those naughty nuns kept getting in all sorts of trouble and were constantly being punished.  Punishments were all received naked, and consisted of some kind of whipping.  Whether it be two hot young naked nuns whipping each other, one lone nun flogging herself, or our main hot young nun wrapped in thorns and beaten with longstem roses, there were plenty of bloody breasts bared.

 The film is surprisingly well shot with a great use of lighting and color.  Seeing as it was made in 1974, it has a fantastic 70’s feel reminiscent of James Bond films from that time, complete with fluffy white cat warning us upon meeting the Mother Superior, that she is, of course, “ee-ville”.  The lesbian scenes are laughably symbolic, but very pretty, shot in a flower garden in the haze.  While there is nothing explicit shown, the allusion is made with some ridiculous finger licking which had me laughing hysterically.  Better than that is the sex-starved nun finding dirty pictures and going within seconds from horror to horny and having a grand old time with herself.

By far the best part of this DVD is the recent interview with the main actress.  Yumi Takigawa spends a good 15 minutes denouncing this film.  She tells the story of how she was tricked into appearing in it, and how she had no idea of the erotic nature of the script when she signed on.  Come on here, naked, wrapped in thorns, being flogged by a bunch of overly righteous nuns, and she didn’t know the nature of the script?  But on she goes telling us how she was so innocent, and how she regrets making this film.  She even tells us she has no idea why this, of all her films, was put to DVD.  Come on honey, HOT YOUNG NAKED JAPANESE LESBIAN NUNS!  I want to see that.

School of the Holy Beast”  probably isn’t the “shocking, unforgettable masterpiece” it claims to be, and I’m probably not a better person for having seen it.  However, I now have been initiated into the “nun-exploitation” genre, and oh I am surely a better person for that.

- Scarrie Sinsation

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