Monday, July 11, 2011

Las Vegas Lady (1975)

Directed By Noel Nosseck
Starring Stella Stevens, Lynn Moody, and Linda Scruggs
Rated PG

"Now you just hang out for a couple of hours. The sun will be down. And I am going to show you something fun."

As the opening song tells us, when you gamble, even when you win, you lose. And for Stella Stevens' (The Nutty Professor's Stella) aptly named character Lucky, losing is not an option. Filmed in mid-70's Vegas, Las Vegas Lady is a heist movie that features three tough and talented gals determined to get their piece of the pie.

Lisa (Linda Scruggs) is a trapeze artist who is beginning to freeze up during critical moments of her act. And Carol (Lynne Moody) is being hassled by a bookie over a large gambling debt. And all three are operating under the instructions of a mysterious stranger.

The heist itself is pretty straightforward, Lisa has to scale a wall to get to the safe, and the other two are there to smuggle her and the money out. Of course timing is critical, and everything doesn't go as planned. And that's the fun of heist movies. It's a risky endeavor, and the stakes are high.

The real treat of Las Vegas Lady however, is the scenery. It features a lot of clips of 1970's Vegas that had me hitting the pause button just to take them all in. Other than that, there is nothing really remarkable about the movie. It's a slow-going, mediocre affair that never really makes the effort to hold your interest.

Pretty much the only other thing it has going for it is the soundtrack. While it is not a great score by any stretch, it is composed by Alan Silvestri, who is a big deals nowadays. As of this writing, his newest score will be the Summer action flick, Captain America.

So if you are soundtrack junkie, or love scenes of old Vegas, I'd recommend it. Otherwise, it's not worth the effort.


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