Thursday, June 9, 2011

Scream Dream (1989)

Directed by Donald Farmer
Starring Carol Carr, Melissa Moore, Nikki Riggins

"Don't worry, I told Lou I'm not the devil worshiping type. I've never even been to a human sacrifice!"

From the bowels of consumer-grade camcorder-made straight-to-video micro budgeted horror hell comes a movie that with little sense of irony intended, may very well be one of the most inept attempts at cinematic thrills ever concocted.

Relying heavily on the "Satanic Panic" media scare and moral panic taking place throughout the 80's (or; prior to rap music coming along to take the blame for everything), Scream Dream truly has a way of convincing you that the devil is real and that, in addition to making the "2 girls, 1 cup"and "Double Rainbow!" videos, the rascally fellow also took a few seconds away from gutting infants to make this.

Michelle Shock (Carol Carr) is the lead singer of a "heavy metal" band who is suspected by many to not only use the imagery of scary evil stuff to sell records but is, in fact, a life demon possessed...well, demon. This is made all the more evident when she bites the dick off of a fan who came by afterwards to tell her how "rad" she is.

The industry folks have to keep their image clean (and for some reason dick-eating demon sluts weren't big money makers back in the day), so they kick Michelle to the curb and quickly snatch up Jamie Summers (Melissa Moore) to take her place (cuz no one will notice that).

Shit starts getting real when a dude from the band finds out that Michelle is for realsies a demon (and she loves rock and roll). He chops her arm off, but when it starts crawling around, homeboy with the righteous perm has to stab it. And then he takes off.

Later the same day, Jamie stops by Michelle's place to steal some clothes and ends up getting possessed by the demon that was all up in Michelle. The demon wants revenge and needless to say, some folk get fucked up along the way.

To top off the greatness of penis eating and scalp clawing, there are also 3 excruciatingly overlong music sequences,

some boobs,

...and incredibly frightening demon make-up!

Overall, this movie is a mess. But, with that said, I actually recommend it. That is, if you enjoy the very fact that movies this awful exist and that companies such as SRS Cinema are ensuring that they never go away. The acting is terrible, the quality is terrible, its a 15 minute short film dragged out to over an hour, but just owning this makes me feel like a steward for generations of bad movie lovers to come. And that's pretty awesome.

- Jeremy Vaca

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