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Satanic Sluts: The Black Order Cometh (2008)

Directed by Nigel Wingrove
Starring Dominik Destruction, Dischordia, Poisoned Venus, Chelsea Chainsaw

"I like debauchery. I like excess. I like pushing your borders and going outside of your comfort zone to discover who you really are - what you're really like."

Conceived in 2004 by Redemption Films founder, Nigel Wingrove, The Satanic Sluts are an international (but mostly British) collective (purportedly intended to contain 666 members) of confrontational, alluring, and shamelessly taboo-humping women whose look is ostensibly reminiscent of the Suicide Girls and Burning Angel, but with a much darker and violent aesthetic.

Although more well known in their country of origin (particularly due to an incident involving Russell Brand), The Satanic Sluts will no doubt make quite a splash on American shores now that Fangoria Magazine is set to feature an SS girl pin-up poster in their pages monthly starting April of this year.

As far as content is concerned, the Satanic Sluts have a very Industrial Goth vibe with a heavy focus on fringe culture fetish. In deed, many of the scenes on The Black Order Cometh feature Nazi/fascist motifs, nun crucifixion, medical fetish, and even real cutting and needle play. Needless to say, the squeamish or easy offended need not apply here.

This, the initial release of what is currently a 3 film run (The Black Order Cometh, The Black Masses and Scandalized!), offers up a total of 12 short scenes and 5 interview segments. The interviews are an interesting touch to the proceedings, as it gives a depth to the SS girls that merely viewing their irreverent exploits just doesn't convey.

As obvious as this may seem, I find it important to point out that these girls are not the evil monsters that many would like to make them out to be based on their appearance or performances. In fact, beyond their blasphemous stage personas, the ladies are just as, or perhaps even moreso, "normal" than what I consider the majority of the population to be. But then again, this is me saying this, so take that statement with a grain of whatever you want to.

Although all the vignettes are satisfying in their own way, I believe that the scene that makes this film worth the price of admission alone has to be the live performance entitled "Gimp". Taking place in what looks to be a bar or club, "Gimp" begins with Dischordia leading Chelsea Chainsaw through the attending members by a chain, on all fours. Leading Chelsea to a cage, Dischordia binds her it and begins slapping her, taunting her, and eventually, jabbing hypodermic needles into her face.

If all this wasn't enough for your sensual bloodplay fantasies, Dischordia then reveals a scalpel - much to the chagrin of many an audience member in attendance, and by this point, for you as well. "Cutting" to the chase, Dischordia proceeds to run the scalpel up Chelsea's arms, making stomach churning lacerations on her arm that are then sutured together by more hypodermic needles. Wow, I just made myself nauseous.

If all that was perhaps a little too extreme for your sensibilities, the UK (Region 2) DVD is edited for your safety (the edited version is also available on the US release as a bonus feature).

The remaining features are significantly more tame, in so far as there isn't any unsimulated bloodletting, but we still get a fair share of blood. Take for example the aptly titled "Vampire Attack":

Or, if blasphemy is your bag, the also aptly titled (and aforementioned) sequence "Nun-Crucifixion" should suit your needs nicely.

Overall, The Satanic Sluts are definitely not for everyone, but if anything you've seen here piques your interest whatsoever, I say this is a must own. You can visit the Satanic Sluts websitehere, peruse The Salvation Group's entire catalog here, and read Nigel Wingrove's personal blog here.

Also be sure to check out the book, Blood & Dishonour from FAB Press, which includes detailed profiles of 38 of The Satanic Sluts, complete with hundreds of amazing photographs.

- Jeremy Vaca

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