Monday, October 11, 2010

Teenage Twins (1976)

Directed by Carter Stevens
Starring Brooke Young, Taylor Young, Leo Lovemore, Eric Edwards

"It's wrong. You know it's wrong. What would mom say?"

Filmed in 3 days with what can only be a minuscule budget, Carter Stevens' Teenage Twins may not be considered his finest hour (even according to him), but I can only imagine that, for those in the know, this film is easily his most notorious (and arguably most profitable). If you are curious as to why this may be, let me just say this: real-life twin sisters Brooke and Taylor Young (playing Prudence and Hope, respectively) perform full-on, unsimulated, incestuous sex acts together. If this little tidbit didn't make you throw up in your mouth a little or encourage you to write a letter to your congressman, then please read on.

Prudence and Hope are twin sisters who share a peculiar bond with each other: straight-laced Prudence and her freewheelin' sister, Hope, share each others sexual arousal. This odd gift/curse does not sit well with Prudence, but Hope is pretty down with it. Guess who wins.

Concurrently, the teen's stepfather, Gerald (Leo Lovemore) has just got a hold of the Necronomicon, a legendary magical tome said to possess great powers. One of the sisters is the "Harlot Virgin" that they need for an incantation for eternal life. And of course, a gang bang is required for full results.

The film is super cheap looking (many scenes were filmed in Stevens' own house) and the acting is virtually non-existent but if referring back to the second half of the first paragraph of this review does anything for you, then this is required viewing. Other highlights include biblical masturbation, white man afros, and an ending so out of nowhere that it has to be seen to be believed.

After Hours Cinema brings this Golden Age classic to light for the first time on DVD October 12, 2010 as part of their Teenage Twins Collection 3 film/2 DVD set. Also included in this set are Rollerbabies and Punk Rock, 2 other earlier efforts of Mr. Stevens. The prints come from the only known existing film elements, so this is as nice as the films will probably ever look. There's plenty of print damage, but it really doesn't detract from the movie much at all. To round things out in this package, there's some audio commentary and interview segments as well.

This film, of course, is not for everybody, but if you like your porn on the taboo side, are merely curious, or are a connoisseur of classic and groundbreaking adult films, this is a must add to your collection.

- Jeremy Vaca


  1. Wow, never heard of it, but am certainly intrigued. Special thanks to the twin girls who participated, as I'm sure they have endured a few awkward family get-togethers since. hehe ;)

  2. I read an interview with Stevens once who said lots of drugs were most definitely involved.

  3. Yeah. The Young Twins were nicknamed The Quaalude Twins on the set, if that says anything.


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