Sunday, April 4, 2010

Movies About Girls Podcast Episode 61

Holy smokes, we've done it again! Time for another episode of the award-winning Movies About Girls Podcast!

This week: witchy weirdness and 70's disco fever!

Two features to discuss: Indonesian demonic possession epic Dangerous Seductress...

..and 1978's girl-powered, save-the-drive-in shlock-com Starhops!

But that's not all. No way, Jose! We've also got:
Weird News!
The Top 5 and Bottom 5 DVD Releases of the Week, including the Top 5 Adult DVDs!
Our continued search foe the worst song of all time, Hits from Hell!
Another round of Let's Fuck up the Podcast!
Comics about Girls by a Girl!
Streakin' Weekly!
Tom's Phonecall from Istanbul!
Songs about Girls by Boys and Songs about Boys by Girls!
And lots more!
So join the whole Movies About Girls gang for another evening of laffs, antics,awkward misunderstandings, hurt feelings, and...more laffs!

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PPPS: Bands played on this episode:
Big Boss Man
Vice Principals
Left End
Hate Bombs
Marcy Jo and Eddie Rambeau
Dana Gillespie
The Uniques

Thanks for listening!

- Ken McIntyre


  1. You ain't never heard no podcast like this until you've heard it then you have!


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