Thursday, October 15, 2009

Shock-O-Rama (2005)

Directed by Brett Piper
Starring Misty Mundae, AJ Khan, Julien Wells Unrated

Brett Piper’s previous flick, the giant (well, not giant, maybe ‘sorta big’) spiders VS. druggy strippers epic Bite Me, has become pretty much the high water mark for E.I./Shock-o-Rama cinema, an imprint usually content to just present one faux-lesbian tit mauling after another for an hour and a half. Which is not to say that Bite Me didn’t have plenty of that, but it had other stuff, too. Like spiders. So that was cool. This time around, Piper (who, let us not forget, also made the astounding Troma mess Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell) throws in every genre convention possible, fabricating an old-fashioned anthology flick with a wraparound story that cleverly mocks itself.

Said wraparound story involves perennially put-upon naked starlet Misty Mundae playing perennially put-upon naked starlet Rebecca Raven, who gets booted from her studio after a shrieking fit and heads to the hills for some rest and relaxation. But in a comic book-y twist, her rural getaway turns into a nightmare as a house-bound zombie menaces her. Meanwhile, back at the studio, the producers are desperate for the “new” Rebecca Raven, so they screen a few clunkers on the pile, looking for their next titty girl. Roll tape for the two anthology segments.

First up is Caitlin Ross (in tight jeans and belly shirt, natch) and her dopy boyfriend stuck in a junkyard fighting a gleefully retro-Sci Fi stop-motion pile of tin foil, Christmas lights, and random garbage from outer space. Fun in a dumb monster movie sorta way, with a screechy perf from the luscious Ross and a cool, loony, painstakingly animated UFO-creature.

The second mini-movie is a more typical EI romp, with MILF-y Julian Wells and some monster brain running a school for wayward girls and, of course, exploiting them for their twisted sexual desires. Ok if you like endless girl-girl nipple rubbing. And the brain is pretty awesome.

Oh, and let us not forget plucky, cupcake-breasted Misty and her zombie problem. Suffice to say, chainsaws are involved.

A bit jumbled, this one, which is bound to happen when you bundle a bunch of disparate elements with nothing but Misty Mundae to glue them all together, but there’s enough goofy humor, monsters, and bare-breasted girls to keep things interesting. As usual, there’s plenty of extras, including an illuminating Q&A with Caitlin Ross that reveals her to be totally unlikable. Which is sexy.

-Ken McIntyre

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