Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Poison Sweethearts (2008)

Directed by Andrew and Lucas Campbell
Starring various Cleveland area vagrants

"Beautiful women. In this city, they are sweet candy in the eyes of sour men."

Couple of brothers cobble together a loose, hour-long anthology of women’s-revenge stories, shot, with great effort, to look like gritty 70’s exploitation fare, ala Thriller, Tenement, etc. Unfortunately, the stories ramble and never come to satisfying endings, the acting is mostly-miss, and the whole thing is too wobbly and ass-broke to really look like more than a trumped-up student film.

On the plus side, it does show you what a junky mess Cleveland can be on a bad day, and it does, occasionally, slip into moments of high weirdness (evil street-dancers?). Also, the bitchin’, bright-pink packaging is almost worth the price of admission alone. Basically, a great idea and a solid attempt, but the Brothers Campbell shot a bit too high and, like Icarus, melted.

The trouble with girls: Poison Sweethearts' trailer

- Ken McIntyre

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