Sunday, October 4, 2009

Movies About Girls Podcast Episode 36

Well, hello!
It's that time again. Time for another dose of hyperactive audio antics from the Movies About Girls cabal.
This week, Ken and Seth are on deck. Together we interview the lovely and talented Jessica Graham, star of Devil Girl!

Oh, but that's not all. We also review lurid late 60's lesbian melodrama The Girl With the Hungry Eyes, starring punky wonder Vicky Dee!

Need more? Well, we also take an in-depth look at the new porn-centric comedy Deep in the Valley, starring the gorgeous Kate Albrecht!

Still not convinced? we've also got the great Mike Fischer of the Streakin' Podcast on deck for the latest installment of Streaking Weekly!

Also, Cherrybomb and Stacey join us for the Weird News of the Week!
Plus, our Top 5 and Bottom 5 DVD releases of the Week, the first installment of our Podcast Outreach Program, Songs About Girls, and at least twice as much humor and hijinks than most podcasts would ever dare to offer!

I know, you want in. Well, it's easy! Click the title, or the banner. Or, if you'd like, you can subscribe on I Tunes. Or, you can listen on the Pickle Player. We don't care how you do it. We just want you to do it.

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Thanks for listening!

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