Monday, September 21, 2009

Satan's School for Lust (2002)

Directed by Terry West
Starring Misty Mundae, Darian Caine, Barbara Joyce

Originally titled Satan's School for Sluts, which makes a hell (ahem) of a lot more sense, this quick and dirty softcore lesbo sex-romp wraps a wafer thin plot about demonic schoolgirls around all the nipple tweaking and implied muff diving, but mainly serves as an excuse to show off the doeful stare and perky tits of lowball scream queen Misty Mundae.

Unceremoniously dumped by her jet setting dad, Mundae finds herself the weary new recruit at the Diablo School for Girls, where the headmistress (Barbara Joyce) nearly socks her right in the mouth for bringing a bible with her, and where she is forced to share a bed with her goth-freak roommate (Ruby LaRocca), who forces her to strip, and then stares at her while she tries to nap. Cue the sacreligious, eroti-violent nightmare sequence.

There's a sub-plot about a local reporter trying to uncover the mysteries behind Diablo, but even that is just grist for the lezzie lust mill. There is, in fact, a big bad secret to be discovered, but the title of the movie gives it away. At any rate, the girls are all suitably sexy, even if their acting skills slither right off the screen, and the climax- and I do mean climax, baby- hits all the right evil-hipster-dirty-girl fantasy spots. Plus, the amazing poster is worth whatever price they're charging.

Also included on this DVD is one of West's earlier efforts, a black and white splatternoir feature, Blood for the Muse. Based on the comic book of the same name, it's a tightly scripted slow boiler about a whore killing video store clerk who's allegiance to some great pain goddess is put to the test when he accidentally falls in love with the wig-wearing, but still fetching, b-star Tina Krause. It's actually twice the film "Satan's..." is, and definitely deserves a look, as it's bloody, compelling, and well acted.

But then again, it doesn't have any Satanic lesbian scenes. Guess you're better off with both.

Not long after this one, Misty Mundae ran off to Hollywood and reinvented herself as a more refined, less tits-out actress, even reverting back to her birth name, Erin Brown. That was the plan, anyway. As of this writing, her latest gig is on the Skinemax softcore late-night series Lingerie. That seems like a lateral move to me. Director Terry West remains active both behind the camera (Flesh for the Beast, Satans's Schoolgirls), and in front of it (Spiderbabe, the upcoming Don't Look in the Basement remake). Darian Caine was recently in The Insatiable Iron Babe and is also a Webcam Girl. I don't know exactly what that means, but my guess is, boners are involved.

Satan's School for Lust is available from Alternative Cinema.

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