Thursday, August 27, 2009

2069: A Sex Odyssey (1974)

Directed by Georg Tressler
Starrign Nina Frederik, Catharina Conti, Heidrun Hankammer
Rated R

"Did you bring back samples of the seed?"
"I tried, but I was so surprised, I swallowed it."

The world of German 70's sexploitation is still largely unknown outside of Europe, so when a Teutonic titty-flick does manage to wash ashore, it's always cause for a vigorous...erm...examination. 2069: A Sex Odyssey (AKA Ach Jodel Mir Noch Einen) actually played in US drive-ins in the late 1970's, and later popped up on late-nite premium cable in the 1980's, so it's probably the most well-known of the German/Bavarian jigglers. This version - released several years back by Retro-Seduction - is five minutes shorter than the Euro cut, and sloppily dubbed in English, but these minor annoyances do not detract from this film's goofy charms.

So, a bunch of hot German chicks dressed in tight silver spacesuits and Astro Zombies helmets swoop down onto a remote ski resort to drain the local male populace of their sperm. You guessed it, they have come from Venus, where all sexy, horny galaxy- girls are from, to breed with Earth men and repopulate their planet. Now, I am totally willing to go along with this premise. No sperm at home, you gotta go out and get some. But why land on a nearly empty mountaintop? There's only half a dozen men in the entire village, and all of 'em have big crusty moustaches!

So, they're not too bright, these space chicks. They run around the tiny town stealing people's clothes and assuming their identities - cop, nun, instructor, etc.

I think this is mostly so they can eat up screen time with stunts, like an out-of-control motorcycle ride through the town square (it's so obviously a dude on the bike that it becomes an unintentional laugh riot) or a not-so high speed sled vs. skis run down the mountain. The nun manages to lure a few guys to the spaceship, where they have tubes clamped to their crotches and get a "gallon" of goo extracted from their balls. When they complain to the space-nun that they have nothing to arouse them, she takes off her clothes and lets them out of their shackles, but instead of fucking her, they just walk out. And that's the whole scene.

Significantly, that's pretty much the only time in the film when guys don't take the opportunity to manhandle the space-girlies. Almost every sex scene is a pseudo-rape, and even though they're all brief and not very graphic, the forced-entry vibe sucks all the erotic potential out of the scenes. And so, you are left with the comedy. I mentioned that this film is German, right?
There's a climactic riot in the beer hall while an oompah band plays, just in case you were thinking, "This movie sounds like it needs an oompah band scene". It also has a senseless ending that's so treacly, two of my teeth fell out while the end credits rolled.

Listen, this is no Wham Bam Thank You Spaceman, or even Nude On the Moon, but still, you'll have fun with this. The spacesuits and silver-glitter make-up are retro-licious, and there's a boner-popping lesbo scene near the end that's almost worth the tedium of the first hour. Almost.

And I mentioned the Oompah band, right?

- Ken McIntyre

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